Monday, 16 August 2010

When life gets in the way.....

I had it all planned. I was going to re-write my novel, polish every word and have it safely deposited with agents and publishers in September. And then I got pregnant and my mum (and main source of childcare) was diagnosed with a particularly nasty cancer and it all became a bit harder than I'd expected. Morning sickness plus the demands of a toddler who hit the terrible twos have taken their toll so it's all been delayed somewhat. Now I'm finally have to concede that trying to write another 15,000 words in a week whilst ticking off everything on my 'baby - to do' list is not realistic, so I'm allowing myself to rearrange cupboards and clean skirting boards in true nesting fashion. Who knows, I might even allow myself a little afternoon snooze.

I'll be back to the book and the blog once the new baby is settled and I've got over the horror the of being up all night again. Hopefully I'll have of those angels that sleeps through the night at six weeks and I'll have the book finished by Christmas.....but maybe not.

Thanks for reading.