Monday, 22 September 2014


I've been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, partly because I've had the children at home for the summer holidays but partly because I've been reflecting on this writing business and particularly on the business of self-promotion.

I went to a fantastic Writing Yorkshire masterclass run by my colleague, Iain Broome, a while back and it gave me a lot of food for thought about how to create an "online platform" for my writing. It made me think that I need to resurrect my website (which has been on my to do list for about 2 years) and that I need to blog regularly (oops!) I was also inspired by Iain's Write for Your  Life podcast and thought it would be fun to try that one day. And I need to tweet. But most of all, of course, I need to write. And, I have, at least, started to get back to this recently.

On Saturday, I read with some colleagues from the Sheffield Hallam MA in Writing in a Wakefield Literature event about the pros and cons of doing an MA. Reflecting on my writing journey, I reminded myself of how consistently I have been close to publication only to give up and change direction. So, I'm trying not to do that any more. I won a Northern Writers' Award for my young adult novel, Straight on Till Morning, last year and, following a few positive and constructive rejections from agents, I have kind of put it away and started a new book, which I read from on Saturday. I'm pleased with the new book and I want to pursue it, but first I am going back to the young adult novel and editing it again in preparation to send it out again. In the light of recent news events, it is topical again and I should seize that moment.

The other thing I've been reflecting on with regard to my blogging and my author persona, is the diverse range of things I write about. I'm considering creating a pseudonym for my adult writing (the new book) and keeping my own name for my children's and young adult writing as this is where my professional reputation lies. But then which persona would I blog in? All very confusing. Watch this space and I might work it out soon.

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  1. They do say you should try pseudonyms when you cross genre - good luck with picking it - it's quite a big decision!