Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Straight on Till Morning - the synopsis

Tag and Lorna are from different worlds and heading in different directions until their meeting at a Sheffield literacy project sets them off on a journey that neither of them expected.

Tag has had a rough life, unable to read and write and growing up with an abusive stepfather, Mitch, and a mother who is too scared and too busy to notice him. His little sister Jax also suffers abuse at the hands of Mitch and ultimately the family break apart. At sixteen Tag finds himself homeless and lost with just bad memories to keep him company. By the time Lorna meets him he has begun his descent into a world of hard drugs and crime and is living at a hostel.

Eighteen year old Lorna is an average middle class girl: good grades, good behaviour and a plan for her future. Underneath her polished accent and manners though, Lorna is struggling too. Her parents are divorced and she feels like an outsider in the home that her mum has created with new partner, Pete. Her younger sister Kate is also unhappy but rather than stick together, the two girls find solace in different things. For Lorna it’s books, travel and voluntary work, for Kate it’s fashion, Bebo and the search for a rich footballer to whisk her away from her life of drudgery.

Tag and Lorna meet when Lorna volunteers at the local literacy project where Tag has recently enrolled. From awkward beginnings a friendship blossoms and it is Tag that Lorna turns to when Kate mysteriously disappears, seduced by the promise of a future with an older man.

In their search for Kate, Tag and Lorna set off on a journey that takes them to the streets of Leeds where Lorna has an insight into the worlds of drugs, homelessness and prostitution – world’s that are all too familiar to Tag. It is a rocky road, fraught with danger and fear for Kate’s safety but in the midst of the crisis a love affair begins between Tag and Lorna. But can they find Kate before it’s too late? And even if they find Kate safe and sound, can there really be a future for them? One man is sure of the answer. Pete and his police officers are after Tag and they’re not going to stop until he’s behind bars.

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